Honored Guest

We are excited to announce Kit Jaspering as our Guest of Honor for our 2018 event!

Known better through the fandom as Boneitis or simply Bone, Kit is a traditional artist who makes great use of ink and light to enhance his classic, yet intense, style of art. Kit is a prolific artist, offering illustrations and comics like False Start, where he brings a dark, edgy look with rich textures that add to the deep sense of purpose for each character.

Although Kit moved to the Ann Arbor area in 2016, as a once-local artist, he has been a long-time supporter of Gateway FurMeet. Kit offers commissions, prints, and originals, and can be seen livestreaming his creative works in progress. Like many furry artists, some of his work is intended for mature/adult audiences. You can explore his full range of art and find out more information about him here: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/boneitis/ or follow him on twitter @Boneitis

Join us for GFM2018, March 9-11 and help us give Boneitis a warm “Welcome Home” as our Honored Guest!

Past Honored Guests

  • 2016: Rachael Bock
  • 2015: Clawshawt
  • 2014: PeacePaw Coyote

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