Gateway Fur Meet Team

Gateway Fur Meet wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for our team of hardworking individuals. Every one of our team members plays an important role in making sure that we host the best convention possible for our attendees. Read on to meet our team!

Kiara Kiara Con Chair
Kiara Shiba started life from a role player’s imagination over 12 years ago, molding and changing slightly over the years. She became the alter ego of Crystal O’Neal, displaying her true nature hidden within. Curiosity from a young age led her on many journeys within her mind of a world where Anthropomorphs exist. She had an affinity with mythological creatures, believing that if dinosaurs could exist then why not these creatures of lore and myth spread out over the seas and in more than enough cultures. Kiara joined the Fandom about four years ago and has enjoyed the diversity found within it. Kiara is a hybrid and some may consider her a panwere since she has multiple sonas. She has always been a creative type via drawing, writing, and many other things to do with art. You can usually find her lost knee deep in a book.Kiara decided to jump head first into the convention family by setting things in motion for GFM. She is one of the founders as well as the Con Chair. She enjoys the challenge of learning and leading. If you spot her at the convention, don’t hesitate to say hi or offer your assistance.
Scooby Scooby Operations Lead A/V Lead
Hey, I’m Scooby Husky. It all started when I woke up in a bush. It was the fourth time it had happened. Feeling really worried, I punched a carrot, thinking it would make me feel better (but as usual, it did not). Like all 80s kids, I was so busy being told how special I was I didn’t get that it went for everybody else, too. Now I’m sad that I’m not more important.
MrWolf Programming Lead
Doctor by day, furry event planner by night. Co-Owner of, the social network platform for Saint Louis area furries. Mr. Wolf is a fursuit performer who found the furry fandom in 2004 and has been loving it ever since! He moved to the St. Louis area in 2006 for school, and has been apart of the GFM team since the beginning. He enjoys traveling to and attending other furry conventions as well as running around as a big fluffy wolf!
Keyla Keyla Registration Lead Website Lead Information Technology Lead
A web developer by trade, Keyla has spent many years attempting to avoid getting completely sucked into the Fandom. When that was unsuccessful, he volunteered to take on the more technical aspects of Gateway FurMeet. You’ll find him behind the registration table – feel free to say hi!
Chux Promotions Lead Publications Lead
Chux (a.k.a. Chux Astrosquirrel or @Astrochux) is a fun-loving grey squirrel fursuiter who lives in St. Louis and has been in the Fandom since 2006. Some remember him from his small innuendo-filled contributions to the 2Sense podcast many years ago, but most know him for his huge tail, general floofiness or Trek Through the Known Universe panel at select cons over the last few years. Chux brings professional experience to GFM from his work in events, marketing, planning, project management, A\V, and more. Chux values fairness and equality in all things and is willing to jump in and help wherever possible to make GFM a successful event and a fun time for all.
Rama Rama Business
Rama joins the GFM team to help the convention get off the ground and oversees the dealer room, art show, and artist alley departments. A resident of St Louis, he has been attending conventions since 1999 and has been on staff of a convention since 2002. Besides GFM, he has been or is staff at MFM, MFF, FWA, and AC.
Mozart Mozart Logistics Lead
Gateway FurMeet’s workhorse – handling the grunt work of logistics to make sure that every piece of equipment is in its place on time.
Darkcyanblade Security Lead
Born and raised in Missouri, originally a volunteer from the first year then moved to head of security for the third year. In suit, a big fluffy border collie with ears that flop and are fun to play with. Out of suit, he is a videographer and film student. Overall nice guy!
Bedtime Bear Bedtime Bear Fursuiting
Bedtime Bear is a born and raised St. Louisan. He is a professional mascot in the greater St. Louis community and has been performing since 2006 for various companies and sports teams. A furry since 2004, he has been to major conventions including Anthrocon and Midwest Furfest but has found his home at Mephit Furmeet. Where he helps run the Video Game Track and Fursuit Track. He is a big supporter of the mascot community and furry community in general and is very happy to be a part of St. Louis’s first major furry convention.
Enki Otter Enki Otter Tabletop Gaming
Enki, the head of the games room for 3 years and looking forward to #4! Outside of the con he is laid back lover of everything technology, who is currently learning to code for Arduino and for applications!
Merla Merla Charity Auction
Elizabeth Aarons has been a member of the furry community since she first discovered it in fifth grade. She didn’t become a more active player until a few years later when she was introduced to the local furry scene. When she’s not busy with her work as an Optometric Technician she enjoys drawing and creating unique and exciting fursuits.
Buibui Copy Editor
A lioness by nature, but a spider at heart, Lynn (Buibui) uses her years of experience teaching grammar and writing to keep the rest of team’s writing looking great. When she’s not at a con or working, Lynn is reading, writing, playing video games, and wondering in dismay about how she keeps getting pulled further and further into the Fandom.
Caleb Registration
Caleb joined the fandom in 2007 and has been barking up the community since! He loves Travel, Photography, Camping, Music, Cars, and being a Shep! He really enjoys meeting new people and make lasting connections in the community, so feel free to say Hi! You can catch him behind the registration table, hosting fursuit charades, or running around the con starting Awoo’s!
Sycotei Registration
A simple, crazy, coyote native to St. Louis. His first furry convention ever was the very first GFM as a volunteer and has been a team member and enjoying more furry cons ever since. His interests include drawing, cartoons, anime, videogames, fursuiting, and meeting people. He highly enjoys drawing furry characters in particular and aims to share his art with the world. You may also see him as his green-alter-ego, Kaze Kai-Yo-Tei.
Caffeine Fox Dance Competitions
Caffeine Fox became part of the fandom in December 2016, and has since become active in the local community. In his spare time when he’s not being a goofy animal, he enjoys drawing said-goofy animals and making new lasting friendships around St. Louis and every other locale.

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