Gateway FurMeet is a convention that takes place in St. Louis MO. We come together to celebrate, educate, and share ideas in art, literature, and performance based around science fiction, fantasy, and anthropomorphic characters. In addition, GFM raises money for charities that promote and provide for the well being of animals and/or children.


Since 2014 we have provided a fun atmosphere for learning and sharing with authors, performers, and artists in and out of the furry fandom. In addition, we have raised over $10,500 for various animal related charities.


Gateway FurMeet is a production of its parent corporation Gateway Furry Fandom, a Not-for-Profit 501 (c)(3) organization.

Gfm started with an idea that turned into two individuals jumping head first into creating it. Thus Gateway FurMeet was born, with the hard work of many individuals coming together and working their tails off.