our 2019 Guest of Honor, the ever amazing Talenshi ! Go check her out, she is an amazing artist, and we're proud to spotlight her for our next event!

Karen (Talenshi) is an illustrator of fantasy and children's books; in love with narrative, mythology, animals, and patterns. Inspired by 15th century illuminated manuscripts, art works of ancient peoples, and the spiritual connections between animals and humans; she strives to always bring more depth to the visual detail and storytelling in her work. Though she began as a watercolorist, she is a painfully slow painter, and decided to switch to digital painting in 2016. Her recent published illustrated works include "The Little Orange Man" by herself and her partner, "A Darisa Tarot" by herself and Draque Thompson, and "One Starry Knight" by Christine E. Schulze. Karen's favorite animals are birds, and her favorite quote is: " We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act, but a habit." - Aristotle




Below are examples of her work;

                          22-dance-sm.jpg                   00-waderer-sm.jpg                Assassin-wren-sm.jpg                   raccoon-shaman-sm.jpg



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