Come join us on our Discord server on  March 26 and 27th to enjoy some streams and play some games.

There will be some opertunities to play games with team members and mybe get some art for a charitable cause.

There are slots available for panels of all types.

For those on telegram who would like to join the GFM channel:

We also have a Community Story that all can add on to:

Dont forget about our great charity GatewayPets: @GatewayPets

Hello all! We hope you have been well and staying safe in these remarkable times. We at GFM have been working hard, considering our options, and looking into how we can host an event in 2021 and keep everyone safe at the same time. With the uncertain future of the Corona virus, we have decided to hold an online convention. It’s not the route we wanted to take, we miss all you fuzzballs quite a lot, but the safety of every single one of our attendees is of the utmost importance!

You guys spoke, our team spoke, and we have decided to continue with the steampunk theme that a lot of you have shown your support for! We’ll be working hard to incorporate the theme into our events and happenings as the con grows closer, and during the con! Another thing we’ll be keeping the same is who we’ll have for our Guest of Honor. We’re happy to have Trevor Phillips (@DaddyTrevP on twitter) back for GFM 2021 and hoping you guys can share the same excitement with him virtually as we would have in person!

So how will all this fun be had? We’ll be hosting a stream through twitch, as well as hosting some events in our everything on discord and there will be fun surprises as well! Stay tuned to our socials and keep and ear up for any announcements we may have on our twitter (@GatewayFurmeet) or our announcements channel (

I bet you guys are wondering when this all will go down most of all? Well, The dates for GFM 2021 Steampunk Online are March 2̶6̶-̶2̶8 26-27, 2021! In 6 short months we can all hang out and enjoy all aspects of our wonderful fandom online together.


Stay safe, Stay healthy, Wear a mask, and we look forward to seeing you all again soon!


-GFM Team

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak and the saftey of our attendees, we have cancelled our 2020 event.

Please read our full press release statement on the decision to cancel our 2020 convention, and important information for our attendees.



We are proud to announce our 2020 Guest of Honor!


 Trevor and Dovahkiin Colorweb Trevor Philips is a long time illustration artist who specializes in both traditional and digital mediums. During college he did a lot of art for the Cedar Rapids, IA History Center from smaller book illustrations, to large panels for exhibits. In 2018 he painted two murals up at the St Luke's Hospital pediatric clinic for the patients and their parents to enjoy. When he's not hard at work in front of a computer screen or piece of paper, he's hanging out with his fur children: three cats, Dovahkiin (pictured), Lily and Dexter. If you ask anyone who knows him they'd tell you he and Dovahkiin are attached at the soul. Growing up on a farm in rural Iowa has fueled his never ending love and passion for animal and animal-like creatures and the art that depicts them. He is currently working hard at expanding his audience and being the best artist he can be. Trevor currently offers commissions through his FA: MysticSabreonic, Twitter: @daddytrevp, and e-mail: MysticSabreonic @

Previous Guests of Honor

2019: Talenshi, artist

2018: Boneitis, artist

2016: Stuffed Panda Studios, fursuit maker/artist

2015: Clawshawt, artist

2014: PeacePaw Coyote, artist